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In short, the FLEX of a stick should be half of the players body weight or less when cut to the proper length.

 For PRO Players weighing in at 180-230 lbs we see stick FLEX from 85-110. The reason that players need a stick that will flex is for better feel and loading up an explosive shot. When you FLEX the shaft on a shot it loads up energy like a spring. When the FLEX releases, the energy in the stick is transferred to the puck for a faster more accurate shot.

 The problem... Our kids that weigh 50-100 lbs that are developing their hockey skills are using the wrong sticks. A Junior stick that is 55" long and a 50 FLEX will now gain approximately 5 lbs of FLEX for every 2" cut off. That makes a Junior stick cut down to 45" for a 7 to 8 year old player, an 80-90 FLEX. There is no way of developing a great shot with the wrong tools. 

  Every youth player wants to lift the puck. So what do we see as parents and coaches? The kids develop bad habits and learn to flip the puck off the toe of their stick to get it in the air. They just don't have enough weight or strength to FLEX a standard Junior stick to take advantage of the power and "kick". Loading up a shot from the heel of the blade with power and spin has just not been an option for these players. Youth sticks blades are to weak, the shafts flex in every direction so that the blade twist and the shafts are to small in diameter to give them the proper puck control and feel.

  At HOT SHOT STIX we have designed and engineered a high end line of sticks made just for kids.

These sticks are for players 50-100 lbs that want to shoot and stick handle like their favorite PRO player. Multiple FLEX ratings in multiple sizes to eliminate having to cut excessive amounts off of the shaft and raise the FLEX above the players needs

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